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Rating: PG
Released: 1982
Budget: $21,000,000
Revenue: $177,200,000


7.1/10 (719 votes)
PG 1 hour 59 minutes

When struggling, out of work actor Michael Dorsey secretly adopts a female alter ego - Dorothy Michaels - in order to land a part in a daytime drama, he unwittingly becomes a feminist icon and ends up in a romantic pickle.

Tootsie Cast

Elaine May in Tootsie Writing
Elaine May
Jill Savitt in Tootsie Editing
Jill Savitt
 in Tootsie Sound
Don Brochu in Tootsie Editing
Don Brochu
 in Tootsie Sound
 in Tootsie Crew
 in Tootsie Directing
 in Tootsie Art
Annie Korzen in Tootsie Autograph Hound
Annie Korzen
Brian Hamill in Tootsie Camera
Brian Hamill
Sylvia Fay in Tootsie Production
Sylvia Fay
 in Tootsie Crew
Lynn Stalmaster in Tootsie Production
Lynn Stalmaster
David McGiffert in Tootsie Directing
David McGiffert
Ruth Morley in Tootsie Costume & Make-Up
Ruth Morley
Joseph P. Reidy in Tootsie Directing
Joseph P. Reidy
Gerald R. Molen in Tootsie Production
Gerald R. Molen
 in Tootsie Crew
Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie Michael Dorsey
Dustin Hoffman
Jessica Lange in Tootsie Julie Nichols
Jessica Lange
Teri Garr in Tootsie Sandy
Teri Garr
Dabney Coleman in Tootsie Ron Carlisle
Dabney Coleman
Charles Durning in Tootsie Les Nichols
Charles Durning
Bill Murray in Tootsie Jeff Slater
Bill Murray
George Gaynes in Tootsie John Van Horn
George Gaynes
Ellen Foley in Tootsie Jacqui
Ellen Foley
Bernie Pollack in Tootsie Actor #1
Bernie Pollack
Ronald L. Schwary in Tootsie Phil Weintraub
Ronald L. Schwary
Marjorie Lovett in Tootsie Salesgirl
Marjorie Lovett
Sam Stoneburner in Tootsie Actor #2
Sam Stoneburner
Marjorie Lovett in Tootsie Salesgirl
Marjorie Lovett
Debra Mooney in Tootsie Mrs. Mallory
Debra Mooney
 in Tootsie Billie
 in Tootsie Mrs. Crawley
Murray Schisgal in Tootsie Party guest
Murray Schisgal
Michael Ryan in Tootsie Middle-Aged Man
Michael Ryan
Robert D. Wilson in Tootsie Stage Hand
Robert D. Wilson
Jim Jansen in Tootsie Stage Manager #2
Jim Jansen
James Carruthers in Tootsie Middle-Aged Man
James Carruthers
Tom Mardirosian in Tootsie Stage Manager
Tom Mardirosian
Estelle Getty in Tootsie Middle-Aged Woman
Estelle Getty
Gavin Reed in Tootsie Director
Gavin Reed
Ibbits Warriner in Tootsie Autograph Hound
Ibbits Warriner
Lois de Banzie in Tootsie Autograph Hound
Lois de Banzie
Stephen Prutting in Tootsie Autograph Hound
Stephen Prutting
Tobin Bell in Tootsie Waiter (uncredited)
Tobin Bell
Phillip Borsos in Tootsie (uncredited)
Phillip Borsos
Jim Dratfield in Tootsie Acting Student (uncredited)
Jim Dratfield
John Kapelos in Tootsie Actor at Party (uncredited)
John Kapelos
Joyce Worsley in Tootsie Shocked Bystander as Dorothy Grabs a Cab (uncredited)
Joyce Worsley
Andy Warhol in Tootsie Himself (uncredited)
Andy Warhol
Michael M. Ryan in Tootsie Middle-Aged Man
Michael M. Ryan

Tootsie Crew

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