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For All Mankind

Rating: N/A
Released: 1989
Budget: $0
Revenue: $770,132

For All Mankind

From 1968 til 1972, twenty-four human beings went to the moon. Their journey lives as the ultimate adventure story.

8.2/10 (46 votes)
1 hour 59 minutes

Directed by Al Reinert and with music scored by Brian Eno, "For All Mankind" provides a testament to NASA's Apollo program of the 1960s and '70s. Composed of actual NASA footage of the missions and astronaut interviews, the documentary offers the viewpoint of the individuals who braved the remarkable journey to the moon and back. While compiling the material for the film, Reinert went through more than six million feet of film of these historic moments.

For All Mankind Cast

Brian Eno in For All Mankind Sound
Brian Eno
Jim Lovell in For All Mankind Jim Lovell
Jim Lovell
Russell Schweickart in For All Mankind Russell Schweickart
Russell Schweickart

For All Mankind Cast

For All Mankind Crew

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