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Ko to tamo peva

Rating: N/A
Released: 1920
Budget: $120,000
Revenue: $0

Ko to tamo peva

7.9/10 (37 votes)
1 hour 59 minutes

On April 5, 1941, a day before Nazi attack on Yugoslavia, entourage on a country road board Krstic's bus heading for Belgrade: two Gypsies who occasionally sing about misery, an aging war veteran, a Nazi sympathizer, a dapper singer, a consumptive, and a man with a shotgun. Krstic is a world-weary cynic, out for a buck; the driver is his son, the simple, cheerful Misko. En route they pick up a more people and head towards their destiny.

Ko to tamo peva Cast

Zdravko Randic in Ko to tamo peva Directing
Zdravko Randic

Ko to tamo peva Cast

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