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Rating: R
Released: 2004
Budget: $1,200,000
Revenue: $103,911,669


Live or die. Make your choice.

7.4/10 (4369 votes)
R 1 hour 59 minutes

Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer abducts the morally wayward. Once captured, they must face impossible choices in a horrific game of survival. The victims must fight to win their lives back, or die trying...

Saw Cast

 in Saw Editing
 in Saw Crew
 in Saw Directing
 in Saw Production
Derek Bird in Saw Visual Effects
Derek Bird
Andrew Midgley in Saw Visual Effects
Andrew Midgley
 in Saw Crew
 in Saw Lighting
 in Saw Sound
Mark Allan in Saw Visual Effects
Mark Allan
Daniel J. Heffner in Saw Production
Daniel J. Heffner
Stacey Testro in Saw Production
Stacey Testro
Peter Block in Saw Production
Peter Block
Jason Constantine in Saw Production
Jason Constantine
Jennifer L. Soulages in Saw Costume & Make-Up
Jennifer L. Soulages
Eleanor Sabaduquia in Saw Costume & Make-Up
Eleanor Sabaduquia
 in Saw Costume & Make-Up
Rocky Faulkner in Saw Costume & Make-Up
Rocky Faulkner
Thomas L. Bellissimo in Saw Visual Effects
Thomas L. Bellissimo
Richard H. Prince in Saw Production
Richard H. Prince
Cary Elwes in Saw Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Cary Elwes
Danny Glover in Saw Detective David Tapp
Danny Glover
Ken Leung in Saw Detective Steven Sing
Ken Leung
Dina Meyer in Saw Kerry
Dina Meyer
Michael Emerson in Saw Zep Hindle
Michael Emerson
Makenzie Vega in Saw Diana Gordon
Makenzie Vega
Monica Potter in Saw Alison Gordon
Monica Potter
 in Saw Detective (uncredited)
Avner Garbi in Saw Father
Avner Garbi

Saw Crew

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