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Rating: R
Released: 2006
Budget: $65,000,000
Revenue: $422,610,419


Spartans, prepare for glory!

7.1/10 (7269 votes)
R 1 hour 59 minutes

Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, "300" is very loosely based the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae, where the King of Sparta led his army against the advancing Persians; the battle is said to have inspired all of Greece to band together against the Persians, and helped usher in the world's first democracy.

300 Cast

 in 300 Art
Chad Malbon in 300 Visual Effects
Chad Malbon
 in 300 Crew
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Art
Tim Rigby in 300 Crew
Tim Rigby
 in 300 Crew
Lynn Varley in 300 Writing
Lynn Varley
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Art
Scott Wheeler in 300 Costume & Make-Up
Scott Wheeler
 in 300 Art
Stewart Myiow in 300 Persian General
Stewart Myiow
 in 300 Art
 in 300 Art
 in 300 Crew
 in 300 Art
 in 300 Art
 in 300 Sound
Chris Watts in 300 Visual Effects
Chris Watts
Gary A. Hecker in 300 Ubermortal Vocals (voice)
Gary A. Hecker
Ray McIntyre Jr. in 300 Visual Effects
Ray McIntyre Jr.
Gayle Busby in 300 Visual Effects
Gayle Busby
Michael Meagher in 300 Visual Effects
Michael Meagher
Lyse Pomerleau in 300 Costume & Make-Up
Lyse Pomerleau
Loucas Minchillo in 300 Spartan Baby A
Loucas Minchillo
Bonnie Mak in 300 Slave Girl
Bonnie Mak
Caroline Aspirot in 300 Slave Girl
Caroline Aspirot
Gina Gagnon in 300 Slave Girl
Gina Gagnon
Tania Trudell in 300 Slave Girl
Tania Trudell
Chanelle Lamothe in 300 Slave Girl
Chanelle Lamothe
Manny Cortez Tuazon in 300 Transsexual (Asian) #1
Manny Cortez Tuazon
Atif Y. Siddiqi in 300 Transsexual (Arabian) #3
Atif Y. Siddiqi
Camille Rizkallah in 300 Giant with Arrow
Camille Rizkallah
Trudi Hanley in 300 Long Neck Woman
Trudi Hanley
Neon Cobran in 300 Litter Bearer / Slave
Neon Cobran
Devin Delorme in 300 Market boy #2
Devin Delorme
Duy Vo Van in 300 Persian (uncredited)
Duy Vo Van
Isabelle Fournel in 300 Kissing Concubine #2
Isabelle Fournel
Nicholas Minchillo in 300 Spartan Baby B
Nicholas Minchillo
Tom Rack in 300 Ephor #3
Tom Rack
Jere Gillis in 300 Spartan General #2
Jere Gillis
Jeremy Thibodeau in 300 Spartan Boy
Jeremy Thibodeau
Leon Laderach in 300 Executioner
Leon Laderach
Dave Lapommeray in 300 Persian General Slaughtered
Dave Lapommeray
Vervi Mauricio in 300 Armless Concubine
Vervi Mauricio
Charles Papasoff in 300 Blacksmith
Charles Papasoff
Isabelle Champeau in 300 Mother at Market
Isabelle Champeau
Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz in 300 Daughter at Market (3 / 5 years old)
Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz
David Thibodeau in 300 Boy #1 at Market
David Thibodeau
Andreanne Ross in 300 Concubine #1
Andreanne Ross
Sara Giacalone in 300 Concubine #2
Sara Giacalone
Ariadne Bourbonnière in 300 Kissing Concubine #1
Ariadne Bourbonnière
Agnieshka Wnorowska in 300 Market woman (uncredited)
Agnieshka Wnorowska
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Visual Effects
Ismat Zaidi in 300 Visual Effects
Ismat Zaidi
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Sound
 in 300 Crew
 in 300 Crew
 in 300 Sound
Michael Wilkinson in 300 Costume & Make-Up
Michael Wilkinson
Colin Strause in 300 Visual Effects
Colin Strause
Greg Strause in 300 Visual Effects
Greg Strause
Nina Fallon in 300 Visual Effects
Nina Fallon
 in 300 Editing
 in 300 Directing
 in 300 Crew
Robert Maillet in 300 Uber Immortal (Giant)
Robert Maillet
 in 300 Visual Effects
Thierry Delattre in 300 Visual Effects
Thierry Delattre
Jeremy Hunt in 300 Visual Effects
Jeremy Hunt
Daniel Leduc in 300 Visual Effects
Daniel Leduc
Richard Martin in 300 Visual Effects
Richard Martin
Mercedes Leggett in 300 Slave Girl
Mercedes Leggett
 in 300 Visual Effects
 in 300 Visual Effects
Patrick Sabongui in 300 Persian General
Patrick Sabongui
 in 300 Visual Effects
 in 300 Crew
 in 300 Production
 in 300 Visual Effects
 in 300 Visual Effects
 in 300 Camera
 in 300 Lighting
Deke Richards in 300 Spartan Soldier (uncredited)
Deke Richards
Gerard Butler in 300 Leonidas
Gerard Butler
David Wenham in 300 Dilios
David Wenham
Dominic West in 300 Theron
Dominic West
Vincent Regan in 300 Artemis
Vincent Regan
Andrew Tiernan in 300 Ephialtes
Andrew Tiernan
Tom Wisdom in 300 Astinos
Tom Wisdom
Giovani Cimmino in 300 Pleistarchos
Giovani Cimmino
Tyler Neitzel in 300 Leonidas
Tyler Neitzel
Alex Ivanovici in 300 Ephor #2
Alex Ivanovici
Kelly Craig in 300 Oracle Girl
Kelly Craig
Eli Snyder in 300 Leonidas at 7 / 8 yrs
Eli Snyder
Tim Connolly in 300 Leonidas' Father
Tim Connolly
Marie-Julie Rivest in 300 Leonidas' Mother
Marie-Julie Rivest
Sebastian St. Germain in 300 Fighting Boy (12 yrs old)
Sebastian St. Germain
Peter Mensah in 300 Messanger
Peter Mensah
Arthur Holden in 300 Partisan
Arthur Holden
Michael Sinelnikoff in 300 Elder councilman
Michael Sinelnikoff
Tom Rack in 300 Ephor #4
Tom Rack
David Francis in 300 Ephor #5
David Francis
John Dunn-Hill in 300 Councilman
John Dunn-Hill
James Bradford in 300 Free Greek-Potter
James Bradford
Andrew Shaver in 300 Free Greek-Sculptor
Andrew Shaver
Neil Napier in 300 Spartan with Stick
Neil Napier
Dylan Smith in 300 Sentry #1
Dylan Smith
Kent McQuaid in 300 Free Greek-Blacksmith
Kent McQuaid
Marcel Jeannin in 300 Free Greek-Baker
Marcel Jeannin
Robert Paradis in 300 Spartan General
Robert Paradis
Kwasi Songui in 300 Persian
Kwasi Songui
Tyrone Benskin in 300 Persian Emissary
Tyrone Benskin
Alexandra Beaton in 300 Burned Village Child
Alexandra Beaton
Frederic Smith in 300 Statesman
Frederic Smith
Maeva Nadon in 300 Girl at Market
Maeva Nadon
David Schaap in 300 Potter
David Schaap
Jean Michel Pare in 300 Other Council Guard
Jean Michel Pare
Amelie Sorel in 300 Slave Girl
Amelie Sorel
Stéphanie Aubry in 300 Slave Girl
Stéphanie Aubry
Darren Shahlavi in 300 Persian (uncredited)
Darren Shahlavi
Marc Trottier in 300 Spartan Warrior (uncredited)
Marc Trottier
David Leitch in 300 Spartan Warrior (uncredited)
David Leitch
Robin Wilcock in 300 Free Greek-Sculptor
Robin Wilcock

300 Crew

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great movie

Reviewed By: sief shawn on Feb 16, 2012